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The quagmire of memories

She felt the drink like a bitter memory even of the sweet ingredients. Aloy closed the book in profound quiet; her visual field could not identify the noise source. The book fell near to the fireplace, where the intense red of burned woods still conquers the dark. She remembered the day when the Team found this past world book. The story in the book is about a pair of lovers during the last world pandemic in 2020. She knows two things: never to be in love because the kissing keeps spreading the virus even today and…

– Did you reread the story? How many times?

The Assistant voice makes a vibration like a soft wind. This robot type used to replace the mothers in the facilities occupied by the children after the Big Disorder. – Yes. I will like to know what kissing means back then; she said when founding the book carefully covered in a Drill cave when the Team has looking for uncontaminated water. The noise manifests again now with a second purple light. Can be one threat: Doloiz.

– Hey! Wake up! It is such a morning. Come on! The school is not waiting. I made your breakfast.

Morning light invaded her bed, covering the red hair in a glowing copper-gold. Doloiz threat disappears like magics made by Danny, the neighbor. In the collective yard, voices started to mix with birds thrill. Aloy know it! No chance for a lazy moment. And today is the project presentation day.

Life on the exoplanet H1N5B always represented with high fidelity, the original Earth. The Founder Ancestors imposed like a primary rule for any inhabitant to accept the carbon form of living, including the last generation of robots. Only the shape and period remain free, so it was just usual to see a dinosaur partnering with a swan.

– Ladies and Gentlemen, one hundred years ago, a visionary Professor Yuval Narrari predicted what we are now ready to present publicly. Our lead Guest is a distinguished researcher, Mrs. Jannett Barns, who recently finalized the procedures for one of the most desirable humanity dreams: the immortality.

Just ten years after a usual school breakfast, she was able to isolate and command the gene, which could prevent aging. To print biological organs were typical as any medical treatment. But the progress is coming with a lack of sensibility in the psychological comfort, and Professor Jannett Barns did not expect such a result when she enrolled in the immortality team at the project presentation day. Who could imagine that robots will use it to become organic?

Today no more laboratory. She becomes Aloy, the human resistance leader against the same old disease: domination. Doloiz is now the most dangerous. They control useful living resources through which acquire the tribe’s fidelity. Team’s mission is to find water sources, and the last book represents a lost world. She knows two things: never to be in love, and purple means death. Her bow tension all muscles coordinating each breath to have a shout. The only one possible. It has one single weakness in the purple eye—death and life in one device.

“New Century Global is presenting the Doloiz – your medical robot. To achieve immortality, we need to observe the vital organs. Our device is your shadowy friend, ready to prepare anytime for a replacement in case of genetic failure. Your life is safe with us. Safe with Doloiz.”

The System uses to run this announcement more like a sinister joke. Her first robot was automatically assigned from the NCG in the birth moment. All genetic materials are preserved in this machinery for a controlled future—the immortal generation. Strange destiny made her, the research team leader, to be later one of the human resistance. The titan arrow reaches precisely the second purple light. Exactly when the robot prepares his weapon: a chemical injection that mainly blocks the “will” and is transforming an individual into a permanently extended System connection able just to ruling images and sounds to keep the mind captive. Over millennia the brain succeeded in surviving, but this complex of eternal happiness is indestructible. After Doloiz shot, you will spend the rest of life watching a 6.5″ screen. The System is “entertaining” you forever.


I am protecting a relevant human body part, but not the vital one. Still, I do a dirty job, and I am not in love with my pair. I always dreamed of being with someone else. It could sound selfish to you and wondering where my dedication is; in our industry, we are twins more than pairs. Often we switch the place because the Owner’s newer keep in mind on which part we stay. Sometimes I spend all day in a dark, wet place. It is not funny at all, mostly when you hear: “your pair is cute,” but you are covered. Luckily with family portraits where we and I can shine in full color and pattern.
I heard about owners who are sleeping at noon. Their pairs can hang out and have decent conversations. Myne is just sweating, so he needs to spray me like it is my fault. I think the luck is to live in different “homes” even some stories tell us about a “favorite” one who is coming with just more spray. Oh! That smell of lemon is staying on my every fiber, paralyzing me. Every move brings more lemon.

My creator invested hundreds of hours in designing me. “You will be so famous,” use to say. Admiration, pride, jealousy – I felt it. Did you try to expose yourself in a window? I heard about some art projects who suppose to unveil the living space. But to stay and let the people touch you, check your composition, family history, and listen again and again the creation story? Do you have a commercial movie about yourself? I have one official and plenty of different reviews. Any individual who invests in me chose to rate the experience. And me? – lemon spray all day.

Every day I am trying to run from my pair, hiding, mixing with others pairs, and playing memory lost until I found that we have a new technology that can keep us together no matter what. Like an app following all your moves, meetings, words under the safety reason. Even in such conditions, I can have my satisfaction, pleasures if you like. My life purpose is to be protective, not in a mother way, more like a fashionable measure. I can feel emotions. Actually, I can smell your emotions or hygiene negligence. Some of us can have an independent life. No homes needed. They are hybrid or fusion models; concept if you like more. The more customized shape, the more fusion you get.

Can I ask you something personal? Do you enjoy recreational drugs? That moment of body spinning and multiplied you… We have one also. Everything is round, billions of tiny holes from were water is coming, dreaming foam and thousand per minute rotation like a huge dervish dance. I am so connected. A total mess in which I lose my fluorescence more and more until becoming a fiber mass, mixing, transferring, combining. Some colleagues are going until color exchange – a thing who is making the Owner’s crazy. I hope not to be addicted, but it is the only freedom moment; no lemon, deliberate myself, challenging the elasticity of this temporary body before releasing in the afterlife. Each spin brings eternity closer to me. After days later, I keep the purity of falling in the world spirit, discovering my roots until the primary level of the first plant. Only the lemon spray can wake me up; maybe this is his duty.

When my Owner prefers to dance with me, it is a good time. I learned all the moves, and we like to practice in the park for a few audiences in exchange for little success. The grass is my biggest enemy, especially in the springtime. Combined with soil is a nightmare. After a long day, I have dreams of mud. For us, it means the end. Occasionally I saw abandoned fellows – dirty, depressive, and so lonely. Nobody can survive this. The lemon spray is a better alternative.

In a part of the world, if I walk alone means bad luck. Can you believe that? And in most of it, an enormous replica size means gifts in the wintertime. Only humanity can be so strange in their relations.